Pieces Of Art

Kicked Over Cactus

Winston Chmielinski has the innate ability to balance his faintly morose subjects with an extensive palette of cheerful and rosy colors. Particularly in his “portraits” and the way he can masterfully

Hiroyuki’s art

Mr. Hamada’s art is filled with things that look like other things. Then you blink, and suddenly they look just like themselves. Contemplative, illusory, and mutable, his imagery as well as his

Falling on Water

Caroline Wright is a painter and a cellist, and finds the disciplines to instruct each other. Wright’s paintings are both exuberant and contemplative, merging aspects of music, movement, and

A Single Surface

Whole patterns of thought that otherwise could not be expressed, or only expressed in lengthy verbal or written language, can be communicated by the arrangement of line and form on a single surface.

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